PR Communication

Ebonoko Holdings offers public relations services to government sectors, private sectors,individual brands and small medium Enterprise business. We arrange media platforms for your profiling on print,Radio ,Television and online exposure. Setting up relevant interviews features More

Events Hosting

We host the annual Business Connect Seminar and the Business Connect Seminar: Back to Kasi. We offer strategic development to private and public corporate on how to conduct their own internal and external seminars based on entrepreneurship, business, youth empowerment and leadership. By doing so we project manage the whole seminar/event planning from concept brainstorming to implementation phase

Brand Management

We offer consulting services to our clients in understanding the marketing segment of branding and the branding culture of business services and products.

Business and Inspirational Speakers

Ebonoko Holdings has diversified speakers that give talks based on leadership, business, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

Property Investments and Acquisitions

Ebonoko Holdings is involved in the acquisition and leasing of properties to business and individual clients for business operations and personal living.