About Us


Ebonoko Holdings is a private organisation which focuses on multiple business sectors. Trading privately with consumers on a one on one basis, Ebonoko Holdings prides itself in developing strong relations with the consumer in order to give the customer exactly what they are looking for.

The management of Ebonoko Holdings is made of sophisticated individuals who are creative and diligent in their endeavors. The founder and the team are lined by dedication and ethics in the business ventures development. The ambition that lies behind establishing Ebonoko Holdings is driven by their individual desires and passion for the business. Secondly it was the skills, knowledge and experiences that we have from our respective backgrounds. What is very important is that we saw the gap in the market that can be filled, that means the ideas are commerce, viable and have huge growth opportunity because many business are being formed and thus means that the market is expanding for them.

Most importantly Ebonoko Holdings is striving to provide quality and viable service to its clients and therefore believe in the idea of experiencing more from professionals. The team behind Ebonoko Holdings is embracing the business by offering exceptional quality of work.


  • Providing solutions to clients’ business needs.
  • Maximized efficiency, accuracy and speed for clients.
  • Convenient and flexible assistance at the level that works best for the client.
  • Greater piece of mind.
  • Increased confidences, competence, productivity and satisfaction.
  • Saving in time and costs, as a result of well-trained or specialist contractors.
  • We designed a service that means the particular needs for clients business.

More about us

Ebonoko Holdings is committed to quality service, which will be achieved by the commitment of its shareholders and effective management. Ebonoko Holdings’ mission is to penetrate respective markets and provide lucrative services and products. We are committed to give undivided attention to our clients and put the client’s interest first in all aspects by attending to their immediate needs.

The team behind Ebonoko Holdings is determined to meet the changing needs of consumers and will make sure clients are feeling safe with the company despite changes in the environment.

The roles and accountability are assigned to its shareholders in respect of their experience, skills and knowledge; Management is going to use the specific skills and knowledge to the best interest of the business to provide greater output to our clients.